ELECLEAN’s advanced “Electro-Oxidation” technology can turn water into ROS, it has selected by

WHO(World Health Organization)
“Global Innovation Covid-19”

ELECLEAN 360 Intelligent Disinfectan Station

Safely eliminates viruses, bacteria and odor

Artificial Reactive Oxygen Species, Chloride-free Alcohol-free Not Ozone


When nature disasters severely attacked Southeast Asia several years ago, Dr. Chen volunteered for participating in the rescue team and witnessed the tragedy that…

when people became homeless,

when people suffered from hunger,

when people had no clean water to drink,

he felt so heartbreaking and decided to make significant contributions. As a result, he invented a series of water purification modules to provide refugees with clean and drinkable water, such as Qwater.

Soon after Dr. Chen returned to Taiwan, ELECLEAN was brought to the world.

ELECLEAN is located in Hsinchu County. ELECLEAN is a team of 14 young people who have a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for developing a series of innovative and high-tech disinfectant products. ELECLEAN Disinfectant Device is our first product and has been launched onto Taiwan market for more than 1 year with great success. However, we are not satisfied at all because we realize that we can do more for human and the environment. Therefore, we have developed new products, such as ELECLEAN plus+, ELECLEAN tissue and E-cube, which will be launched as scheduled. With Dr. Chen’s leadership, we strongly believe that our dream will come true soon.

Corporate Culture


World First Technology

Water + Electricity = Disinfectant

ELECLEAN disinfectant device using nano-catalysis electrochemical technology manufactures disinfectant within 15 minutes. Water is the only reagent and directly transformed into ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that effectively destroys viruses and bacteria by oxidizing method. It is featured with safety (no harmful preservatives), powerful effect against viruses and bacteria, saving energy and convenience (easy to use and carry).

The explosion drawings of ELECLEAN


Large capacity 200mL

Effective-Replaceable filter with high-performance electrode

Convenient-Simple Operational Panel

Innovative-Intelligent Monitor PCB and Nano-catalyst Activated Carriers

Eco-friendly-Compliance with 12 Principles of Green Chemistry: More Green, Safe and Economical

The explosion drawings of ELECLEAN plus

Verifications by Third-Party

ROS which can deactivate activity of bacteria and virus through strong oxidation is directly transformed from water by electrochemical technology.

The followings are certified to be highly anti-microbial effectiveness by Chang Gung University, SGS and HQ Square.


Contact us:

Customer service phone no.: +886-3-621-8577#801
Customer service email: service@eleclean.com.tw
Global Operations Headquarters: No. 520, Fuxing Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County ,Taiwan (R.O.C.)